Jody Boyman

beirat-jody-boymanPhotographs by Jody Boyman have brought nature to millions in the pages of Life, Newsweek, Travel & Leisure, Vegetarian Times and America West. She has photographed wildlife around the world. Jody's photos of penguins in Antarctica have been featured in calendars and she has been a major contributor to animal rights and conservation groups for years.

Marc Gaede

beirat-marc-gaedeMarc Gaede first joined Sea Shepherd on the 1989 dolphin campaign in Costa Rica as a photographer for Outside magazine, and has participated in numerous high seas and land based Sea Shepherd campaigns ever since.

Marc has published eight books and is an internationally recognized photographer. As a United States Marine, he graduated in 1966 from the U.S. Army's combat photographic school in Ft. Monmouth, N.J., and later served as a Marine Corps photographer at Camp Pendleton, CA, as well as briefly on the amphibious assault carrier USS Iwo Jima. In 1977 he was a temporary assistant to legendary photographer Ansel Adams, and later was the Photographer-in-Residence at the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona.

Marc received a Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology from Northern Arizona University, and a Master of Fine Arts in photography from Art Center College of Design. Since 1988 he has been an instructor of photography, environmental issues, and Physical Anthropology in the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the Art Center College of Design. Marc is an elected member to the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, the Paleoanthropology Society of America, and the Evolution and Human Behavior Society.

Environmental concerns run in Marc's family. His grandfather, Irving Brant, began his environmental career in the mid 1920s with the Emergency Conservation Committee, and later as the principal environmental advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Brant is credited as the primary founder of Olympic National Park, saving the Hoh and Bogachiel rain forests under President Truman, as well as submitting Stewart Udall to President John F. Kennedy for Secretary of the Interior.

Marc himself was a co-founder of the Black Mesa Defense Fund in 1970, one of the first direct action environmental groups which was a precursor to Earth First! The BMDF direct-action campaign against the strip mining on Black Mesa, organized by the American Indian Movement and Marc in April, 1971, is considered the first modern-day environmental confrontational protest.

Marc is married to Marnie Gaede, a longtime Sea Shepherd editor, advisor, and supporter.

Barbara Veiga

beirat-barbara-veigaBarbara Veiga left Brazil in 2006 to achieve her dream: To create a better future for our planet. To do this she first joined the crew on the NGO Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise that was embarking on its Amazon campaign. A few years later she made a transition over to the conservation group Sea Shepherd founded by Captain Paul Watson and took part in their anti-whaling campaign.

She has been a photographer for two years now for the Sea Shepherd, documenting the efforts to protect whales in all seas from Japanese whaling fleet. Between artwork full of symbolism and photo reportage, her photographs combine her training in journalism and her passion for photography. In 2011, she joined the “Revolution” movement and had an exhibition in Cannes during the International Film Festival. Since then, an itinerant exhibition has been created and now Barbara Veiga is going to exhibit all over the world.

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